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YJZM750/1000/1500/2000 mobile concrete mixing plant

YJZM750/1000/1500/2000 mobile concrete mixing plant

Mobile concrete mixing plant

Theoretical productivity: 35/60/90/120 cubic meters per hour

Mixing host: JZM series

Batching machine: PLD series

Aggregate particle size: 80-120mm

In order to meet the needs of mobile construction, Kexin has combined years of experience to develop a mobile drum mixing plant. The mobile drum mixing plant is a mobile concrete mixing plant. Through ingenious design, the batching system and scale of the mixing plant The weighing system, mixing host, storage, unloading and fully automatic control system are concentrated in a trailer unit, and the movement of the mixing station is realized through the trailer.


1. The external roller mixing station is equipped with an aggregate batching device and a belt conveyor for conveying sand and stone aggregates.


2. The head and bracket of the belt conveyor are set up on the aggregate storage, and the aggregate pre-feeding hopper (stores the mixed and weighed aggregate). They discharge the aggregate conveying device weighed according to the proportion into the concrete mixer.


3. A drum mixer is installed on the mixer platform, and various metering devices are installed on the top of the mixer. The amounts of cement, water, plasticizer, etc. are weighed according to the proportions. After the weighing is completed, they are discharged into the mixer and weighed together. The aggregates are mixed together, and the evenly mixed concrete can be directly discharged to the concrete truck for transportation.

型号 YJZM750 YJZM1000 YJZM1500 YJZM2000
理论生产率 35立方/时 60立方/时 90立方/时 120立方/时
搅拌主机 JZM750 JZM1000 JZM1500 JZM2000
配料机 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD3200
进料容量 1200公斤 1600公斤 2400公斤 3200公斤
出料容量 750L 1000L 1500L 2000L
称量值 1200公斤 1600公斤 2400公斤 3200公斤
搅拌桶转速 27r/min 27r/min 27r/min 27r/min
骨料粒径 80-120mm 80-120mm 80-120mm 80-120mm
骨料种类 2/3/4种 2/3/4种 2/3/4种 2/3/4种
配料精度 ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5%
拖行速度 <15km/h <15km/h <15km/h <15km/h